Monero cryptocurrency: Malware’s rising star – We Live Security

March 28, 2018 By admin

Bitcoin gets all the press these days when it comes to cryptocurrency but the gap in market capitalization is narrowing.

Bitcoin gets all the press these days, but there are other cryptocurrencies that keep narrowing the gap in market capitalization. With features aimed at different audiences and tech aimed at fixing various issues discovered in Bitcoin, these up-and-comers are hoping to make an impact.

What’s more amazing is that Bitcoin has managed to hang on to the lead for years now. With all the lessons learned and thousands of alternative currencies seeking market share, the network effect of Bitcoin is starting to lose its halo.

This is nothing new in the digital world: remember Myspace? The digital road is littered with projects that couldn’t or wouldn’t evolve in ways that continued to satisfy the market and the public’s mind space. While the network effect of a well-established alt-currency makes it difficult to dethrone, there certainly are competitors nipping at Bitcoin’s heels.

Monero in particular has some compelling features from a malware perspective, not least of which is that it has more of a privacy focus, with specific technology that provides stealth addressing and unlinkability based on ring signatures. With this implementation, it is far more