Protesters Around The World Are Putting Their Hopes Into Cryptocurrency – Forbes

June 22, 2020 By admin

Cryptocurrencies have always had staying power due to institutional and retail investors as well as its traction as a digital means of exchange. Yet its uncensorable nature, and the potential of having relatively private transactions as well as an alternative to fiat currencies has lent itself well, in theory, to protest movements that are threatened by the use of state force.

In a world being swept by protest, some of that potential is manifesting itself now. At a recent protest for Black Lives Matter, one of the speakers talked about bitcoin as an alternative for the financial systems that had oppressed them for so long. Chinese netizens have used ethereum to make sure that messages that would otherwise be censored in online protest could live as long as possible, secured by a network of coordinating nodes. In Hong Kong, cryptocurrency has helped finance the distribution of supplies to protestors