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July 12, 2020 By admin

We feature the top brokers and exchanges that offer the option to buy Dash Coin (DASH) with a credit card or debit card. For larger sums you can also send a wire transfer. We list exchanges and services based on personal experience, and reputation. Please view the risks associated with the Dash Coin and cryptocurrency trading at the bottom of this page. Also access our affiliate disclaimer.

Where to Buy Dash (DASH) with a Credit Card

What is Dash (DASH)?

Dash ‘Digital Cash’, is a cryptocurrency which was launched in 2014.  It has undergone multiple name changes throughout the years.  Originally titled Xcoin, the project was then renamed to Darkcoin.  A second rebranding took place in 2015, which saw the project find its footing under the name Dash.

What does it do?

Dash aims to provide the capabilities of Bitcoin, along with increased privacy measures.

How does Dash (DASH) work?

Underneath the hood, Dash is a complex machine.  This is due to the use of both miners, and masternodes.  Network miners operate on a proof-of-work model, which utilizes various mining algorithms.  Masternodes on the other hand, operate as proof of stake – meaning they are compensated based on the collateral Dash holdings.

This combination of POW and POS allows for a secure network, which also benefits from the speed, flexibility, and cost savings associated with POS models.

Projected Developments?

In order to ensure continued development of the network, Dash uses a model often touted as ‘self-funding’.  This entails a % of transactions fees being set aside into a network treasury fund.

Masternodes     – 45%

Miners                – 45%

Treasury             – 10%

While developmental contributions on the Dash network can come from varying parties, the majority of this work is done by the ‘Dash Core Group’.

Underlying Ideology?

The overarching goal of Dash is to create a digital currency,