Reddit-inspired social aggregation platform moves to the blockchain – ZDNet

September 23, 2020 By admin

What would happen if Twitter decided to close its platform? How would you maintain your extensive network across Facebook or Linkedin? To solve these issues,  a start-up wants to get users using blockchain to solve this problem.

London-based Telos has announced that is moving to its blockchain to ensure that it has the network infrastructure, governance, and digital identity to enable it to compete with the Reddits of the world.

Users will be able to migrate across platforms without losing the connections they have built up over the years, and they will be able to maintain their identity and connections across social networks regardless of any actions taken by the platforms themselves.

This blockchain-based “decentralized Reddit” will ensure that it stays ahead of the technological curve. Telos uses Telos EVM, a way to create and deploy Ethereum-compatible (ETH) smart contracts with zero transaction fees.

The social aggregation platform will enable users to control their own digital identity and connections while sharing content from anywhere on the web.

The first project Telos and will collaborate on is a decentralized identity system, starting with a tool that lets people record their Twitter accounts on the blockchain. When people get locked out or banned from Twitter, their friends still know where they can find them.

Telos wants to enable users to enjoy their rights to content and data, and companies to implement new tokenized economy models. There are several apps available on the Telos blockchain as well as wallets such as Source…