Yes, Monero Was Attacked… But No, It Was Not “Broken” – CryptoPotato

November 11, 2020 By admin

A few days ago, a mysterious Twitter user claimed to have found the magic formula to crack Monero.

Fireice_UK shared a web address that “revealed” personal information of several Monero users, even including their sexual preferences.

The website in question, Monero BADCACA, features a table with the TxID of a Monero transaction, its city of origin, the node’s IP —perhaps not the sender’s, more on this later— and the person’s favorite porn based on the torrents they downloaded.

The Dark Side of Monero?

The site also has a FAQ. Fireice_UK claims to have been tracking the blockchain for some time and that the Monero development team knew about the project’s shortcomings, basically turning a blind eye to it and caring mostly about the money:

I have been logging Monero transactions for over a year now. Main reason why I decided to go public are blatant lies that there is nothing to worry about Ciphertrace and that Monero is private.

All things considered, how did the hacker get access to this information? Another tweet could be the key to the answer:  Unlike Ciphertrace, they got it from the nodes; basically intercepting the data before it spread through the network.